PDF Compress: Click, Shrink, Send

What sets the PDF Compress apart from other compression software suites? For one thing, the PDF Compress is designed with the end user in mind. You don't have to be an IT wizard to start compressing your files and emailing them to colleagues, associates, or friends. This software suite makes it easy and fast to compress large PDF files whether it's your first time or you are a seasoned industry professional. The intuitive user interface, when paired with the sophisticated software engineering, makes the PDF compress process painless and simple. Just click and the work is done.PDF Compress loaded

However, a seamless user interface isn't the only way that the PDF Compress differentiates itself from other PDF compress suites. The sheer number of different native PDF program files with which it is compatible makes it one of the most versatile and adaptable compression programs in existence. Consider this: PDF Compress is capable of working with over 20 different file types. This is important for a variety of reasons. Programs such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, and other image-based suites like Photoshop create PDFs within the framework of their software. Instead of having to transfer the PDF to a third-party program before compressing it, PDF Compress enables users to compress their PDFs from whatever program they were created in initially without having to change settings or stop the work flow. This includes PNG, GIF, EMF, JPEG and BMP image files. Most professionals will tell you that the one thing they need in their day is fewer distractions, coupled with much higher rates of efficiency. PDF Compress helps people get their work done without interrupting their work flow. So how does it make life simpler while keeping file sizes low?

PDF Compress works by allowing you to select the files you want to compress in an easy-to-understand selection process. PDF Compress's innovative "Search Wizard" enables you to quickly search through your files by size, date, or kind. You can set up specialized filters to help you find exactly what you're looking for in a much quicker timeframe, either from your local drive or a networked server. This feature is especially convenient for people who regularly must compress large batches of similar files. Instead of having to search through all of the folders on your network, you can specify specific searches to speed up the process. In terms of selecting specific files, you can browse and then choose the file names you want to compress using a "drag and drop" technique. Much as you choose any files you wish to attach to an email, you simply highlight, click, and drag the files you want to compress, whether it's one file or several dozen. Once you've selected the files you wish to compress, you click on the "optimize" button. The program automatically shrinks and compresses your PDF files so that they can be easily emailed on any standard email server. Forget about trying to send 20 gigabytes of technical drawings over a strained server. You can now quickly reduce previously clunky PDFs into slender, easily viewable files that take up only a few megabytes.

If you so desire, PDF Compress also enables you to choose a specific compression level for your files. Generally speaking, PDF Compress can compress files up to 98% of their original size, which means that no matter what file you're trying to send, you will be able to send it over email and skip the lengthy process of setting up an exterior upload/download box. However, if you want to select a specific compression setting, PDF Compress makes it incredibly simple to do so. Typically, people choose specific compression rates in order to guarantee that files will appear at a certain quality level when viewed by the receiving party. This is especially important for PDFs that may contain enormous amounts of small type or very specific technical data that requires a higher than average resolution setting to view. Luckily, with a built-in compression rate menu, you can quickly specify what compression rate you'd like and then rapidly begin the PDF compress process. This flexibility means that you can create customized batches of files for specific recipients with the reassurance of knowing that both the resolution and the total file size will meet your specifications. In keeping with the exceptionally intuitive and simple user interface, the customized compression level setting is easy to adjust. However, the PDF compress process has an automated compression rate setting if you don't want to spend time setting a specific rate. Once again, PDF Compress is designed to work with you, not take up valuable time.tl_files/Bilder/screenshots/ps_merged.png

In terms of international functionality, PDF Compress has been designed to work in a variety of different languages, including English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. The creators of PDF Compress recognize that to make it in the global economy, you need to remain competitive in a variety of different countries, markets, and languages. The PDF Compress software can be used by virtually anyone, anywhere, regardless of the language they're working in. This is partially why PDF Compress has been downloaded over one million times around the world. It's intuitive, cross functional, and designed to be adaptable for the needs of a global audience.

In a world where seconds can make the difference between an average day and a profitable one, tools need not only to be functional; they need to save us time. PDF Compress has been designed to speed up the process without compromising on quality. Everyone who buys PDF Compress is amazed that they ever managed to compress and send PDF files by any other method. The elegance of the interface, the speed of the process, and the purposefully engineered features make the PDF Compress one of the best compression suites on the market. Sold through Avangate, this software will shrink both your PDFs and your overhead.